Monday, June 08, 2020

Dinner at Blackbyrd KL, Platinum Park

"I want to have dinner at a place with a view. Can you find one?"

During this CMCO period, it was not easy to find a place to dine with a view of KLCC as it would either be closed or fully booked due to the social distancing rule. This limits the number of seats in a restaurant.

I called Blackbyrd KL and I requested for a table on Saturday. But, they were fully booked. Fortunately, the person in charge was kind enough to inform me that there will be a table available on the following day. Blackbyrd also shared their menu via whatsapp with me.

So, if you want to dine-in anywhere in this covid situation, it is best to call beforehand.

Parking at Platinum Park was easy, but I never figured out where the lift was (lack of signages, I think). I did find the lift eventually with the help of the jockey when I wanted to pay parking and go to the basement again.

Upon entering the lobby of the building, there will be a temperature check, scanning of QR code for details and they were pretty strict about wearing a mask. We went up to Level 50.

I was glad my request to be seated at a table with a view was given. The view was amazing! I never get tired of the view of this concrete jungle.

The view from Blackbyrd KL

I kind of knew what I wanted to order as I did some research on what was good. So, I ordered the Crispy Nori Crunch, Chicken Satay, Seafood Linguine Aglo Olio and Mie Goreng Sambal Metah.

Crispy Nori Crunch - tempura nori seaweed, spicy salmon, salmon roe, parmesan. I particularly enjoy this dish. It was crispy and a bit spicy which gave it a good kick. It was also something different and new to try.

Chicken Satay - Minced chicken and peanut sauce. It does not taste like the chunky Kajang satay. But, this satay tasted pretty good with the seasoning not being overwhelming.

Mie Goreng Sambal Metah - Seabass fillet, sambal metah, noodle and fish cracker. This dish looked similar to the mamak mee goreng but it does not taste like it. Its less oily and the spice is different. I ordered this as the reviews recommended this. The dish was alright especially with the seabass in it.

Seafood Linguine Aglio Olio- prawn, mussel, squid and white wine. I think this comes highly recommended for someone craving seafood and pasta. The portion was just right and there was no fishy seafood taste to it which made it an enjoyable meal.

I read that the portions were small. But I think it was a good size. Two plates of noodles were too much actually for the two of us.

Blackbyrd has a nice bar too.

It was all good and price wise, it was not too bad. The service was good too.

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