Saturday, April 28, 2012

Burger lab

My burger experience rankings. Click on links to read more:
Sixth place: Chilli's Cheeseburger, KLCC/Midvalley

My cravings for a good, juicy beef burger is so strong right now that I started digging my fridge and eating whatever snacks that can curb my cravings for a burger!

Beef burgers at Chilli's was always my favourite because the huge portion served was always satisfying. But then, TF introduced me to Carl's Jr burger and I must admit, it was a better deal than Chilli's burgers. Then there was the German Deli burger at Ampang Jaya, which made me salivate looking at the pictures. But, the although the beef patties were huge, I didn't really enjoy the overpowering beef flavour it had. I'd like to believe that my distaste for strong smelling/tasting beef was because when I was much much younger, I was religiously told I was not allowed to eat beef. Hence, there was a time in standard 1 and 2 where I had to be that 'special' student to habitually inform the teacher that I can't eat beef during lunch breaks in school. Of course, its just my theory. I'm not 100% sure if that is tge reason. Standard 3 came and Hard Rock Cafe's beef burgers grew on me slowly. I started off only being able to swallow a quarter of the burger while my sister ate the rest of my burger wuth ease. Then, with many more visits to Hard Rock Cafe and Chilli's over the years, I finally manage to have a burger all to myself. Even now, if I were to be at a Western restaurant (eg: The Ship), and was given a choice between beef or lamb, my tastebuds will always choose lamb over beef. Its no wonder those Arabic lamb meals to me, are to die for.

Recently I tried this place called Burger Lab at Publika. They didn't have much choices on their menu. This was because they were not officially opened yet. It was by invitation only as they wanted people to try and give their opinions on the burger. The burgers were served at a shop called The Red Beanbag. I had their cheese beef burger which had really good beef patty. It came with french fries as I ordered the set meal and refillable soda. TF had mushroom burger(called ooey gooey) and he loved it much. For him to love a burger means it was really good as he is a beef food specialist. But, according to him, for the price paid for this burger, Carl's jr is still more worth it and satisfying.

Across from Burger Lab there was another burger place called Fat Boys. It looked good but I read a few blog reviews and some were not impressed by it. So, it sorts of delays my interest in trying that place.

My mum finally tried the much publicised Kaw Kaw burger. They now not only have a branche in Wangsa Maju, but they do have one at Taman Dagang. My mum went to the Taman Dagang one since it was opened by my ex-schoolmate. The wait was long, as expected. It costs rm8.50 for the burger. But, accordin to my mum, it was really good and worth it. Now that, I will try someday real soon!

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