Monday, July 31, 2017



Loving it!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mii 2 Noodle @Publika

Stumbled upon Mii 2 Noodle shop at Publika today. I was suppose to try Go Noodle but mistakenly entered Mii 2. I only realised I was not in Go Noodle after looking at the menu which had limited choices and the server telling me they have only been opened for 1 month.

Anyway, it was a good mistake becaise their homemade noodles were really good. I was told that their specialty was their homemade loh mee.

Not being a fan of loh mee, I settled for their homemade mee, which was like pan mee. It would be nice to have fishballs or meatballs to complement the dish. I settled for fried dumplings in the end.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Breakfast at Blvd House, Naza Tower

Blvd House started serving breakfast starting from 9am. I enjoyed the food the first time I had dinner there so I decided to have a go at their breakfast.

I called to make reservations. I spoke to a staff and I told her the breakfast menu was not online. She gladly read out the menu over the phone. It was a lot so I interrupted her to ask if they served pancakes. She said yes.

I was there at 10am and when I was seated I looked through the menu for pancakes. I did not see any. I saw crepes but that was not the pancakes I wanted. I asked the waiter and he said no, they do not serve pancakes.

I was in the mood for fluffy pancakes!

Anyway, I ordered the Egg Hemmingway. There was a choice of smoked salmon or lobster. I chose lobster.

Verdict: Soggy English Muffin because of the onions on top and Bernaise sauce poached egg. Lobster was salty. Poached egg was perfect.

Salty and soggy food are a no-no for me. So I guess I ordered the wrong choice of food. 

The other dish was called Salom Croissant - Smoked Salmon, scarmble egg with croissant. Can't go wrong with that.

I also ordered hot chocolate. I had a difficult time choosing the hot chocolate from the menu as they had a variety.

The waiter recommended Blond chocolate. Super super duper sweet. I do not know if thats normally how its served but it was like asking the mamak guy to tambah manis banyak to the teh tarik.

Its a crazy new different experience at this place.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Blvd House, Naza Tower

I still crave for the steak at Blvd House eventhough I was there 3 weeks ago. It was that delicious!

I ordered the tenderloin steak and it was cooked to perfection. The tiny pot of mushroom sauce was a good combo.

I also ordered the mussels and clams in pesto sauce. This dish was a bit unique as the sauce changes on a daily basis.

For dessert, I had their green tea something with ice cream.

All so good and it was happy hour - Buy 2 free 1. So, margaritas it was :)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Boil the bacon

Bought bacon strips and the thought of frying it wasn't appealing because it would have made the whole house smell of oil and bacon.

So I decided to do something that we usually do for steamboat, BOIL THE BACON!

I loved it. No strong smell. Not extra oily. Best of all, not salty.

The only downside is if you like it crispy. I liked the chewy boiled one.

Pho Vietz, Sri Petaling

I am on a roll with blogging now. I actually stopped because Blogger app was always giving me problems and error. So I finally decided to just use chrome

Last week I went to Pho Vietz in Sri Petaling. I was told its better than Sao Nam in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

I would say Pho Vietz portion was very big amd enough meat to make me happy. My go to vietnamese restaurant for now. It was always hard to find good Vietnamese restaurant in KL which was comparable to the ones I had in USA and Canada. Taste and portion was a problem in KL. But Pho Vietz is highly recommended as I was satisfied.

As always, there has to be round 2 to try more food from the menu.

Fahrenheit 600, Publika

When I arrived in Publika today, I googled the top restaurants to try in Publika. The one restaurant which had high recommendation was Fahrenheit 600. It is located on the same row as Okonomi Jap Restaurant.

As we were stuffed from Okonomi, I suggested coffee at Fahrenheit because reviews were good. The famous food in Fahrenheit 600 was pizza. Unfortunately, my stomach had no room for pizza this round. 

I ordered the hot chocolate as it was recommended by a blogger review. Unfortunately, I didnt think it was that amazing. I have tasted better elsewhere.

Mum liked the cappucino. She said it was very good.

Dad had the latte.

Will be back for pizza!

Okonomi, Publika

Publika has been around for years and I never had the chance to really explore the place because it was always park and straight into the supermarket to buy groceries and back to the carpark and head home.

Today, was an eye opening gastronomic experience because along the rows of shops outside the mall, I found many good restaurants worth trying.

As it was mum's birthday today, I made a quick decision between the row of shops to try Okonomi Jap Restaurant. What caught my interest was the fact that we could customise our sushi roll. I made reservations and of course started reading blog reviews on Okonomi tuo confirm it was worth going to. 

Reviews were convincing. 
I ordered Firecracker roll, Seafood roll, Prawn Avacado salad and molten lava matcha.

Everything was good and amazingly deleicious. Portion was generously big and I hope the size stays the same forever.

Okonomi is hands down my preferred sushi place now. 

The prawn and avacado salad was really good. I am not a big fan of salads, but this was delicious

Seafood roll consists of salmon, soft shell crab, tempura flakes and other things which blended really well tast wise.

The firecracker roll was a recommendation from other blog reviews I read. It was really spicy but good. 

The molten lava matcha was pretty amazing. It takes 10mins to make and it was served warm. I loved it because it was not too sweet and it had cute bamboo looking green tea chocolate on the side. The texture of the lava cake was very good

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time flies

I haven't had the time to look at blogger and I was surprised to see the last time I blogged was at the end of 2015. I do not even remember the contents of my last post.

Whats been going on:
1. New work place
2. Owned a property - Proud that its 100% being paid from my hard work
3. Car accident - My car and I was injured. The memories of me in my car flying over a divider onto the other side of the road with my eyes closed, hoping no other car hits me...... It was not even my fault. The other driver made an illegal u-turn and slammed into me. Theres so much to rant about from the accident, to the police report, to the insurance, to the hospital. Seriously, ONCE in a lifetime experience and never again. I am back to driving but a bit more aware of other cars on the road.
4. Busy
5. Happier
6. Paying for gym but haven't gone in months
7. On smoothies and oats diet *most of the time*

Glad to be alive!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Johnny Rocket at Avenue K

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