Thursday, December 28, 2017

D Empire Restaurant at Pavillion KL

I stumbled upon D Empire in Pavillion while I was looking for food to eat. I did not feel like having any Japanese or Chinese food - I did not want Asian food.

D Empire was located on Level 6 of Pavillion. They serve European cuisine. Lunch set comes with a main couurse, soup of the day and drink.

I tried their lamb shank, pesto pasta and tiramisu.

The lamb shank was pretty good.

I still prefer Eatalia and Porto Romano's pesto pasta.

The tiramisu here was ok. It went well with their generous 2 scoops of ice cream.

Will I make another visit to D Empire? Yes.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mr Fish @Starling Mall

If you have not tried the fish fillet noodle or fish head noodles from Mr Fish in Starling Mall, you HAVE TO!

The fish head was crispy and the fish fillet was boneless. The milky noodle soup with prawns as add on made everything sweeter😀

Mr Fish is located at the Basement near Jaya Grocer.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Din Tai Fung, Suria KLCC

I have not been exploring the malls in KL much. I wanted to go to Pavillion KL today but the carpark was full I could not even enter. So, I diverted to KLCC instead where there was ample of parking. An option would then be to walk to Pavillion. But, once inside KLCC, there were so many shops I needed to 'catch up' with that I decided to go to Pavillion on another day.

By the time it was dinner, I had no plans of what or where to eat. I was on my way up to the highest floor of the mall when I stumbled upon Din Tai Fung. I know the queue was always long at Pavillion. So, it was a no brainer to quickly try to get a table for three. As luck would have it, we were seated easily and few minutes later, throngs of people entered the restaurant to dine too.

Food was really good. Not the oily or full with ajinomoto cooking. We ordered
Xiu liong pao
Siew Mai
Beef noodle soup
Pea sprout with garlic
Beef fried rice
Mayonaise prawn
Thousand layer cake

Good stuff!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Breakfast at home

I have forgotten how easy cooking at home can be. Over the past four years, I hardly had time to cook a proper meal in my kitchen. I was too busy working! Cooking at home involves shopping for the ingredients and washing up. I also tend to throw untouched food from my refrigerator as it would be sitting there for weeks. So, I hardly grocery shop and most of the time ate out. Food panda, Uber Eat, Honest Bee and EAT delivery services were heaven sent 😀

Finally, I get this long holiday in December and I figured using the kitchen to cook would be a good start. It has been fantastic so far. No more nestum with milk for breakfast in December😆 As for the washing up, I make sure to schedule my maid to come after I have done the heaviest cooking🙃

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Chinese Sticky Honey Pork Ribs

I never knew how to make my meat sticky. I never tried, till today.
Holidays give me time to make homecooked food and do decent grocery shopping.

I bought pork ribs with the intention of just making ABC soup. But, I did not want the same old boiled pork ribs for the entire pack I bought. So, I searched online to make ribs with honey and this Chinese Sticky Ribs came up.

This recipe was fab as I only needed 3 cups of water, 3 tablespoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon oil. It took less than 30 minutes to cook on the stove. So that was a bonus too!

I was very happy with how my meal turned out to be. This recipe is definitely a keeper 😀

Friday, December 15, 2017

Super Saigon, Hartamas

I enjoyed the food at Super Saigon in Hartamas. It is originated from Melbourne.

Spring rolls - Nice filling but I preferred the ones wrapped with rice paper like the ones in Vietnam Kitchen in Publika.

Pho with beef and beef balls - Thumbs up for this pho. The best pho I have tasted in KL.

Bahn Mi with lemongrass chicken - This was my first try at eating banh mi. I loved that the bread was crispy and it went so well with the vege and lemongrass chicken inside.

Drinks - so-so

Eatalia, Hartamas

December holidays are here! No better time to update my blog adn enjoy good food around me😀

Eatalia is an Italian restaurant I stumbled upon one day. It was always packed with people and the diners sitting outside were usually expats. I take it expats know what good Italian food was!

Food ordered:


Spinach Ravioli



I loved their spinach ravioli, tenderloin and tiramisu. I went back again another time for lunch where I had thier pesto pasta and mushroom soup. Good stuff!

Monday, July 31, 2017



Loving it!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mii 2 Noodle @Publika

Stumbled upon Mii 2 Noodle shop at Publika today. I was suppose to try Go Noodle but mistakenly entered Mii 2. I only realised I was not in Go Noodle after looking at the menu which had limited choices and the server telling me they have only been opened for 1 month.

Anyway, it was a good mistake becaise their homemade noodles were really good. I was told that their specialty was their homemade loh mee.

Not being a fan of loh mee, I settled for their homemade mee, which was like pan mee. It would be nice to have fishballs or meatballs to complement the dish. I settled for fried dumplings in the end.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Breakfast at Blvd House, Naza Tower

Blvd House started serving breakfast starting from 9am. I enjoyed the food the first time I had dinner there so I decided to have a go at their breakfast.

I called to make reservations. I spoke to a staff and I told her the breakfast menu was not online. She gladly read out the menu over the phone. It was a lot so I interrupted her to ask if they served pancakes. She said yes.

I was there at 10am and when I was seated I looked through the menu for pancakes. I did not see any. I saw crepes but that was not the pancakes I wanted. I asked the waiter and he said no, they do not serve pancakes.

I was in the mood for fluffy pancakes!

Anyway, I ordered the Egg Hemmingway. There was a choice of smoked salmon or lobster. I chose lobster.

Verdict: Soggy English Muffin because of the onions on top and Bernaise sauce poached egg. Lobster was salty. Poached egg was perfect.

Salty and soggy food are a no-no for me. So I guess I ordered the wrong choice of food. 

The other dish was called Salom Croissant - Smoked Salmon, scarmble egg with croissant. Can't go wrong with that.

I also ordered hot chocolate. I had a difficult time choosing the hot chocolate from the menu as they had a variety.

The waiter recommended Blond chocolate. Super super duper sweet. I do not know if thats normally how its served but it was like asking the mamak guy to tambah manis banyak to the teh tarik.

Its a crazy new different experience at this place.

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